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Greenspun Media Group has been a pioneer in publishing in Southern Nevada for more than 74 years. Always innovative and continuously evolving, Greenspun Media Group’s award-winning, state-of-the-art websites including,,, and extend the power of our publications beyond the page. Recognized across the country and regionally as a leader in digital news, entertainment and business information, Greenspun Media Group delivers.



We offer unique and high-impact options such as site skins, sponsored giveaways, videos and content partnerships that are not available through programmatic buying.


Digital promotion with User Generated Content

Increase user engagement with your brand in the digital space through interactive content enhancements.


With Greenspun Media Group’s advertising options, you have the ability to reach audiences in a unique and powerful way. We work with you to create informative, visually driven content, which flows naturally with the style and quality of our publications. Our production team will collaborate closely with you to ensure that the created content meets all of your advertising goals. Together, we create a powerful advertising tool that allows you to build trust and rapport with your intended audience.



Reach your audience directly in their inbox through Greenspun Media Group’s email opportunities. We offer advertising placements in both daily and weekly newsletters, and dedicated promotional sends.



  • Promotional Email (Locals Focus)

  • Promotional Email (Tourist Focus)

  • Holiday Listings Email

  • The Sun Daily Newsletter

  • BizClick Newsletter

  • Weekly Fix Newsletter

  • LVM Newsletter


We can build & execute a programmatic plan optimized on performance. We have demand side platform technology that can reach over 70 different ad exchanges to help our clients develop a programmatic plan in addition to buying directly onto our network. Programmatic native, display, video & CTV options available.

  • Audience targeting

  • Contextual targeting

  • Hyper-local mobile targeting

  • Re-targeting


Like our demographics?

Get a second chance to make a first impression on our audience. A few of our targetable segments are:

  • Events Audience

  • Sports Audience

  • Sports Betting Audience

  • Political Audience

  • High School Sports Audience

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